Sunday, 20 November 2011

Young Justice 118 - Secrets

It took a while to register, but this week's episode actually hails from a previous story-arc of the YOUNG JUSTICE comic. Obviously a touch re-imagined for the animation, none the less it's written by Peter David who scribed the original YJ comic through its entirety. I'm a huge fan of David so this episode was a treat. It contains his patented sharp dialogue and break-neck speed action sequences that I love so much. But enough of me telling you, let me show you.

When "Harm" first appears, no bells were ringing at all.  This eye marking is definitly not the same as the original.

You can easily see how I was confused as the comic version of Harm is more on the extreme side of 90s super-hero fashion.

Everybody is gearing up for the Halloween Dance at school.  Miss Martian morphs into a....dead bride?

Captain Marvel gets no respect.

Black Canary chaperones.

Aqualad, Robin, Batman and Speedy try to narrow down who the traitor on the team could be to no avail.

Zatanna and Artemis have a girls night out.

Things explode.  Villains emerge.


Secret also looks a bit off from her comic book counterpart (pictured here) but not by much.  Mainly because in the comic, she was constantly in a gas state that was an awkward color of brown...

Meanwhile, back at the dance a prank is reverse engineered.  Superboy and Miss Martian save the evening with an appearance of a very iconic martian to scare off Melvin, the prankster in question.

All secrets are revealed but first SPOILER WARNING: Secret and Harm are actually siblings.  In his quest for power, Harm had to purify himself in evil to achieve his goals.  Even if that meant the murder of his own baby sister, Greta. 

With his secret out and power weapon rejecting him, Harm becomes easy pickings for Artemis and Z.

Sad finish as the girls realize the last thing young Greta must have seen before her demise.  The End :(

With the way the episodes have been since the break, I guarantee that we're gearing up for one hell of a finale. Only 8 episodes left!!!!

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