Sunday, 20 November 2011

Poll Results: The BEST Comic Book Movie of ALL TIME is THOR!

"By Odin's beard, I have been declared thine winner!"

You guys decided this week's winner with 40% of the votes, Thor!  Coming in second place was Watchmen (26%).  Green Lanterns rots at the bottom of the list with ZERO votes as even indie sleeper Ghost World surpasses it with 2 votes!  Man, NOBODY liked that movie. 

I'm willing to take suggestions for the next poll idea, so if you guys have one, put it in the comments below. 
New poll will be up Monday afternoon.


  1. People are dumb. Thor was good, but certainly not the best CBM. as far as another poll, what about 'the best franchse comic'? since adventure time is coming out, you could tie it to that. Buffy, GI Joe, Fraggle Rock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc.