Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Cover Lied

...and that's a good thing.  As anyone can tell you, I'm not the biggest fan of Avengers' writer Brian Michael Bendis, but I still love the team and keep up to date with their happenings.  Avengers #19 showcased the newest incarnation of the team and I've got a quick low down for you guys right here.  


The cover promised Avenger members Spider-Man, Black Panther, Protector, Spider-Woman, Captain America, The Vision, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and Hawkeye.  It was wrong on 4 accounts.

With the deaths of Thor and Bucky, Cap misses his old homies in the Avengers.  So decides to seek them out.

First up is T'Challa aka The Black Panther.  He refuses the invitation but suggests a certain Weather Witch instead.

Enter Storm.

Out of nowhere, Stark announces that he's been working on a special side project all this time; the rebuilding of the original Vision.  No mention of Vision 2.0 from Young Avengers.  Good job, Bendis.

This was a VERY happy moment for me as both Spider-Man and Wolverine retire from THIS Avenger's team.  Them being on BOTH Avengers squads is something that's been pissing off fandom for a long time and I'm glad to finally see it resolved here.  Goodbye and good riddance you cover hogs.

Finally, the REAL newest line up of the Avengers.  From left to right we have Storm, Quake (Agent Maria Hill), Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Captain America (Steven Rogers), The Vision 1.0, Red Hulk, The Protector, and Hawkeye.  Let the games begin!

Also shared this cuz the concept seems interesting.

So there you have it!  Wolverine and Spider-Man OUT.  Red Hulk, Storm and Quake IN.  Ms. Marvel and Black Panther don't make the final cut as the cover would have led you to believe.  Let's just hope Bendis doesn't screw this up.


  1. Quake isn't Maria Hill it's Daisy from Secret Warriors.

  2. Yup. but Cap asks her what her code name was when she worked with Fury and she said Quake. Blame Bendis for not even being able to follow his own work.

  3. More posts like these! LOVED this!