Thursday, 17 November 2011

South Park 1514

Last night's South Park was pretty good compared to what I'd describe as a somewhat, dismal season.  Here's what happened:

Kenny's white trash family fight causing him and his siblings to be taken into foster care.

The "Soft Room".

With Kenny gone, Cartman calculates that the next poorest kid worthy to tease is Craig.

Kenny and his siblings are adopted by a psychotic, Agnostic couple.

Mysterion returns.


Apparently, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer turns people into white trash.  Mysterion sets the bait for the abusive foster parents.

They get arrested on "White Trash In Trouble" and all the kids are sent back to their respective families.

With Kenny's return, Cartman celebrates with a song and dance about how he's no longer the poorest kid at school.

Then this happened.  A pure WTF moment.

And Kenny dies.

The End.

So although season 15 was pretty weak, the finale kinda kicked ass.


  1. I personally think this season was somewhat of an improvement from last season. Sure they didn't strike comedy gold with the finale, but it rocked! like you said lol

    besides the "Royal Pudding" episode, each episode was favorable with critics including me. But I know what you mean. Nice analyze dude!

  2. hey thanks man! and the season wasn't ALL bad. some other notable episodes were 1501, 1503, 1504, 1506, and 1511. my deal is that while other seasons didn't have all great episodes, most of em were still good. lately when a SP episode fails, it bombs terribly.

    btw, do you know if they signed on for another season? i heard this was supposed to be their last.