Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cartoon Double Feature

Just watched the newest episodes of FAMILY GUY (10.5) and AMERICAN DAD (7.4). here are some stills from both episodes.


Stewie and Brian go back in time.
In the past, they relive classic FAMILY GUY moments.
Brian decides to mess with fate and stops 911 which has terrible consequences for the present.
Trying to fix their original mistake, Stewie and Brian only mess things up worse and worse.
And worse.  Enter paradox.  This is however family guy so everything gets solved by Stewie shouting and shooting Brian in the knee.

The End.

Stan's life long dream is to become a Best Man at a friend's wedding.  He tricks the high school Principal Brian into not only getting married but also asking him to perform that honor.
Meanwhile, there's a subplot with Roger involving Ricky Martin and magical shorts.  The less I get into that, the better.
Then things get really weird.

The End.

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