Wednesday, 16 November 2011


ADVENTURE TIME!!! This week's new episode NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU (308.a) finds our heroes in a very strange predicament. But don't let me tell you! Let me show you!  It's STILLS TIME!!!

A rampant deer runs wild in the Candy Kingdom!  He makes quick work of our heroes, knocking Jake out and breaking both of Finn's legs!!!
Finn wakes up in the medical hall in a half-body cast!
The only other soul he finds is Jake, who has become a  hobo!
Being super duper rank smelling, Finn bathes in the water fountain!
Convinced that the missing Candy Kingdom subjects are all hiding in some ploy to throw him a surprise birthday party, Finn realizes that Jake has lost his marbles!
After learning that he's been unconscious for SIX MONTHS, Finn plays along with Jake and takes advantage of his dementia so he can pursue the mysterious moans coming from the Candy Kingdom sewers!
Finn finally finds the Candy subjects, all lubed up and stuck to the ceiling of the sewers, ALIENS style, as if being preserved as food!!!
The culprit unmasks or should I say un-hooves!
Finn takes him on while Jake regains his memory and frees the Candy subjects!
After his defeat, Evil Deer is flushed down the metaphorical toilet by the Candy subjects!
And all is well again as Jake's balloons carry everyone to freedom!!! YAY!!!!

The End  :)

Never has an 11 minute kid's show been so epic. Until next week!!!

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