Monday, 21 November 2011

Misfits 3.4 - Let's Headbutt Hitler

I'm only reviewing this episode because it was requested a lot.  Hopefully, you won't notice my pessimism towards it.  Here we go.

Holocaust survivor goes back in time to kill Hitler thanks to Curtis' old "rewind" powers.

The assassination attempt is botched.

Botched BIG TIME.  Hitler picks up the cell phone that drops out of the old man's pocket.

With that technology in the Nazi's hands, the outcome of WW2 becomes very different.

They won.  Now society is theirs to command.

Simon is a Nazi.

The Resistance consisting of Curtis, Kelly, and the Rudys.

The Power-Broker is the key to everything.

One REWIND power coming up...from mah mouth.

Kelly does THE ROLEX SWEEP, beats the shit out of Hitler and takes the cell phone back.

And everything is back to Normal.  The End.

Next episode seems to be focusing on the budding romance between Kelly and the Power-Broker, a topic I'm sure we've ALL been dying to see.  Especially since we're all middle-aged housewives.


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