Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Over the years, the Avengers have had MANY different incarnations. Let's take a look at the most known ones.

Firs Assembly

Cap joins up.

'Kooky Quartet' era begins here.

This is when they started experimenting with the line-ups, bringing in characters from all corners of the Marvel U.

My fav incarnation.

Worst. Team. EVAR.

Hawkeye assembles the Wackos.  That was their nickname back then.  Seriously.

Georges Perez pencils the Avengers *drooool*

The Avengers catch three STDS that they can never get rid of again:  Wolverine, Spider-Man and Bendis.

Wonder Man comes back after years of retirement...for five minutes -_-

The future of the Avengers.

Which are YOUR top3, favorite incarnations?

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