Thursday, 24 November 2011


ADVENTURE TIME!! Today's tale contains assassins, poison, meat pies and Wildberry Princess!! Without further ado, I shall dissect for you episode 308.b - Jake VS Me-Mow!

Wildberry Princess invites Finn and Jake over for some meat pies to voice her concerns.

Those concerns mainly are being a target for the Guild of Assassins!

While WB and Finn discuss business, Jake pigs out.

Hungry for more, he asks his hand in the form of WB if he could have her pie.

Only to discover someone hiding in it!

Enter Me-Mow, the GOA Assassin sent after Wildberry Princess!

Me-Mow claims that since Jake foiled the attempt, HE must complete the contract himself.

Jake's fake assassination gets busted as guards rush to find WB in one piece!

With the poison injected inside of him, Jake begs Finn to play an old lullaby their mother used to in order to lull Me-Mow to sleep who is now hiding up Jake's nose!

It works!

Finn's noisiness gets dealt with.

As the poison slowly runs through his system, Jake gets another chance at offing Wildberry.

Me-Mow is exposed and Finn isn't too happy.

The two warriors commence battle!

Finn throws a defensive breath-blow that proves too much for Me-Mow to handle.

After the antidote gets smashed, Jake realizes that simply growing his liver will fight the poison.  Success!

Foiled again!

As Me-Mow tries to take out WB himself, she let's loose a visually hilarious defense mechanism.

Which turns out to actually be a medical condition.  They rush her to a hospital.

Meanwhile, Me-Mow survived the fall to kill another day!  DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!

The End

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