Saturday, 10 December 2011

2 Cent Reviews for 07-12-11

x-factor 228 - it's finally clear who the actual death from last issue is and i'm surprised to hear my self saying this but what a cop out! spoilers: it's madrox ...and he's not even dead. the art is something i typically endure for the wonderful writing but since the former wasn't present, visuals felt shittier then usual. very indiscernible. disappointing issue outside of a few good one liners.

swamp thing 4 - amazingly constructed panels had me hooked. the story keeps delving into the creepier side of things and there's an obvious meet up with animal man coming soon. overall, i can safely say the ST series is a hitting more then missing.

x-23 18 - i chose a perfect issue to jump on x-23. one featuring the motherfawking Collector. Yes, I am a nerd. The art was a delight too. My only complaint would be the issue went by too fast due to its sheer awesomness.

jli 4 - it was ok. the team keeps failing as alien minors want to plunder the earth. can we do something else please?

uncanny 2 - uncanny is quickly turning into a sci- fi and i'm really digging it. really appreciate the sinister exposure too. we're finally getting the full untold story of his origin. the team chemistry really bounces around well too. there's one scene where namor really steals the show. keep it comin, gillen.

stormwatch 4 - the weirdness, the metaphysics, the impossible odds, the insane solutions, the twist endings. everything i loved from warren ellis' and frank millar's Authority run is here. I am super pissed that Cornell is leaving the book with issue six especially after witnessing all he has weaved in these 4 issues.

x-men legacy 259 - what i love about carey is, it's not enough for the man to be writing x characters doing the usual in their little x-realm. carey always tops himself in his scripts, adding the unusual and scientifically charged ideas. also, it's a very classy route to go out on the book by trying to give back more then taking.
animal man 4 - pick of the week. there is only one way to describe this book and that it's Adventure Time meets The Thing. maxine even gets a magical pet in this issue! i want an animal man movie direclty based off of this story arc now dc.
x-men 22 - the art is still marvelous and superbly fluid with the action, but this arc needs to wrap it up. good x moments but boring generic dictator style villain gave this issue an overall meh.

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